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Author Topic: Guidelines for posting in this area.  (Read 243 times)

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Guidelines for posting in this area.
« on: August.14.2018 - 04:37:03 PM »
This is area is for posting your NEW videos only.  Please only post videos that have been uploaded to your channel within the last 2 weeks(14 days) and which are the newest video on your channel currently. 

IMPORTANT!!! Places where everyone posts a video and then leaves are useless.  There is no point to that.  If you want other people to look at your video you should look at other people's videos.  If you have a comment that you think they would like to have in the video comments of their video, by all means go over to their video and leave the comment there.  If you have a comment or critique that you think is more suitable to be left as a reply in their video thread then leave the comment as a reply here on this forum.  But one way or another watch some videos of other people when you can.  If you get identified as a person that just shows up to post your video and then leave with no interaction we may delete your account or at least delete your posts. 

That's it.  We'll try to be easy going about things at first and see how it goes. 


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