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NeedsMoreSubs Video Releases / 385 - Dream Syndicate Art Dolls
« Last post by Captain Needy on October.27.2019 - 04:31:25 PM »
NeedsMoreSubs Video Releases / 383 - Hear the music of Magic Jones
« Last post by Captain Needy on October.27.2019 - 04:30:12 PM »
383 - Hear the music of Magic Jones

Talk about NeedsMoreSubs / Needy Needs to see this!
« Last post by Mildly Entertaining on June.22.2019 - 07:40:38 AM »
This is pretty cool. Live stream animation!
Automatic lip sync and head movements from webcam.



It is cheap if you use torrent  ;)

The program is simple enough and lots of tutorials.
I usually cant make the live streams because of the time difference.

Could possibly send people on "raids" to other channels to watch a specific video.
Take a poll and the winner gets their channel shared by everyone on social media.
there might be plenty of other monetization possibilities other than YouTube.

When they killed the monetization the traffic also died.
I was making a few hundred a month with affiliate offers in the comments. That I posted under different usernames so I didn't look spammy lol
(And  checking the comments to delete other peoples offers.)

Very eager to see your next steps on Mildly Entertaining. 

I got so many different stories. I just need to actually make the videos.

I am going to try and do what I can but I will be extra busy this summer.
I got a very nice 60 day contract by accident when chatting with someone in a resturuant.
Timey Lives came up with the great idea that every once in a while we could have three bigger smaller YouTube channels as our 3 possibilities so that we don't have to have more established channels facing off against newer, less established ones.  Great idea.  Today is our first attempt at that. 

3 possibilities

- Teacher Inspiration Station     (teachers)             1.0k   Teacher Inspiration Station

- Draw Ninja KC                   (drawing & painting)   1.2k   @drawninjaKC

- Cute Craft                      (crafts)               1.0k   Cute Craft

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NeedsMoresubs music
for sale on bandcamp!!


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