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Contest #2: NMS Needs More Subs!
posted: never
won: Jun.23.2018
by: Travis McP
A long, long time ago in an internet right here Travis McP won a contest that he did not enter. Then this video happened.

When we got to 70 subscribers we were going to run a contest, Contest #2, to see who could help us the most to get to 100 subscribers. But we didn't do it in time and all of a sudden we had 94 subscribers. That would have make for a somewhat boring contest. But then out of nowhere Travis shouted us out on his livestream and we rocketed up to 100 subscribers and Travis was the winner just by doing what he was already going to do anyway.

So yeah. Things have been crazy around here and it has taken us until we have 275 subscribers to make our 100 subscribers celebration video. But anyway, this is it. YAY! 100 subscribers! It still feels great!

Thank you Travis McP!!!

prize: [ link to prize video ]
Contest 2 Prize Video
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