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Feb.15.2019 [300] - @TimeyWimeyGirl7 - 1.2k :::
Timey has a wonderful community for singers of various levels to come together and just enjoy singing and sharing. Live streams explore YouTubers' musical history also.
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Feb.14.2019 [299] - @VloggerAwkward - 99 :::
If you're looking for an occasional laugh, I have a suggestion where you could look...
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Humor #YouTube #TheAwkwardVlogger

Feb.13.2019 [298] - @jawservicesuk1 - 8.4k :::
Come be a fly on the wall at Jason's Metal Shop. Make it Metal is a YouTube channel that lets you watch as Jason crafts various useful tools out of metal.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.12.2019 [297] - @tortorsmith - 269 :::
Tor Tor is an experienced #StopMotion #Animator showing us film industry tips and tricks for high level stop motion awesomeness!
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Feb.11.2019 [296] - @PropsEpic - 150 :::
Epic Cardboard Props makes #FANTASTIC #sculptures out of #Cardboard. You seriously will not believe your eyes! Cardboard #MilleniumFalcon!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.08.2019 [295] - @Trutechdad - 634 :::
Tru Tech Dad is a relatable regular guy who reviews tech gadgets and useful products (sometimes with his family).
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.07.2019 [294] - @renaelavonne - 338 :::
Renae Dambly is an absolutely amazing athlete and free runner! Power Level > 9000! [nsfw: adult language]
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.06.2019 [293] - @ELJefeReviews - 8.1k :::
El Jefe Reviews: Great #TechReviews by a great dude! He's "Here to help you make better tech buying decisions!" (without killin your budget!)
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.05.2019 [292] - @SagaTheYoungin - 409 :::
This Youngin's #animations are so funny. If you're looking for a #laugh this might be the #AnimationChannel you're looking for.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.04.2019 [291] - @PamTremble - 633 :::
Pam Tremble of really knows about and cares about #Stationary. What you're writing ON can impact what you write!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.01.2019 [290] - Ranger Ruby - 153 :::
Ranger Ruby has a YouTube channel all about the #NationalParks of the U.S.A. Fun facts, book reviews, games and more.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.31.2019 [289] - @AaronWilson22 - 115 :::
Aaron Wilson is a young man trying to see the good around him and add to it. And MAN! He's doing a GREAT job with it so far!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.30.2019 [288] - @jayparmarguitar - 8.8k :::
Jay Parmar is an absolutely fantastic #guitar player and #gear/#pedal reviewer. AND lately he's been introducing us to So MAnY great shreders with smaller YouTube channels! Don't miss it!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.29.2019 [287] - @ElijahCrumpet - 125 :::
Elija and Crumpet are two friends that aren't too terribly bothered about the fact that one is a monkey and the other is a boy.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #PuppetShow

Jan.28.2019 [286] - @ALXMNRmusic - 931 :::
ALXMNR has many, many talents and this youTube channel will give you a good glimpse.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #NextLevel #FilmMaker

Jan.25.2019 [285] - @UbersCosplay - 949 :::
Uber Cosplay makes some of the most amazing mech costumes and and props for conventions (complete with sound effects). [Adult Language]
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.24.2019 [284] - @Arty94756602 - 13 :::
Arty Metalbender is out here making awesome #sculptures out of aluminum foil. 13 subscribers? Let's do better internet.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.23.2019 [283] - @PBNtweets - 15k :::
Pretty Brown and Nerdy: 3 awesome women who explore nerd culture on an increasingly popular YouTube channel (and other social media).
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #NerdCulture

Jan.22.2019 [282] - @PopPresence - 175 :::
Pop Your Presence: Eric and Ryan, two YouTubers with a LOT of success on YouTube, now have a channel to help you improve your on-camera presence!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Charisma #OnCamera

Jan.21.2019 [281] - @arksolva - 86 :::
Arksolva Studio does audio engineering and teaches you how to do it too. Join Jonathan and #GetBetterSound!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.18.2019 [280] - @chord_channel - 75 :::
The Power Chord Channel Has #MusicTrivia galore and great informational videos on #NotableCelebrities from the #MusicIndustry
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.17.2019 [279] - @SarahHNZ - 279 :::
Sarah Hobbs has a quirky and amusing YouTube channel. Come share a few laughs with this eclectic New Zealander.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.16.2019 [278] - Faux Pas Art - 1.8k :::
It is curiously satisfying to watch the unusual #LiquidPainting techniques of Faux Pas Art. What a way to #MakeArt!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Art

Jan.15.2019 [277] - Nate and Noah Try Life - 190 :::
Nate and Noah Try Life: two friends work together to create a couple videos a month on their shared YouTube channel. The videos are about all kinds of things.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.14.2019 [276] - @megansnedden - 300 :::
Megan Snedden, founder of the Kind Effect, makes great videos about good deeds and self-love.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #ThanksForTheTip @ChristopherMast

Jan.11.2019 [275] - @InspiredJohn1 - 805 :::
Inspired John has a YouTube channel where he interviews people, and talks about history sometimes, and does a bunch of random stuff, intermittent trolling. Life is like a box of chocolates.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.10.2019 [274] - @hollylujiah - 1k :::
Holly Hodges: Awesome young vlogger! Check her out.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.09.2019 [273] - @EricMoranFilms - 3.1k :::
Eric Moran really has his head on straight. And makes great videos. Have you ever wanted to see really great videos from someone with their head on straight?
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.08.2019 [272] - @TomOverChaplin - 464 :::
Tom DeCicco's videos have slowed a bit with a new job, but after a few years of really solid videos Tom is on approach for 500 well earned subscribers.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.07.2019 [271] - @Bjornmastaflex - 148 :::
Every now and again Gnarley Nico drops a freestyle dance explosion on the YouTubes. Fun times for YouTubes.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.04.2019 [270] - @sforryan - 796 :::
Stephanie Forryan takes you inside the life of a working/touring #musician with GREAT songs and a very entertaining vlog.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.03.2019 [269] - @ClifRizer - 71 :::
Dr. Clif Rizer is a movement and movement recovery specialist. Looking to regain mobility after an injury or just increase fitness or flexibility? Check it out.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.02.2019 [268] - @Mike_Vanduzee - 7.9k :::
Mike VanDuzee is the perfect person to talk to if you're interested in plants. Step by step hydroponic vertical off grid food crops and other creative ideas to better the world.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jan.01.2019 [267] - Ask Questions, Try Things - 270 :::
Asking Questions and Tring New Things with #STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Backyard family learning experiences and experiments.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.31.2018 [266] - High Hopes - 237 :::
Udita Das has a dance channel where she shows some of the #dances, #fashion and #personality of #India.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.21.2018 [265] - @declan_wilson_ - 410 :::
Declan Wilson has a sweet sentimental vlog with his family. #DadLife #FamilyVlog #FunTimes
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.20.2018 [264] - Art by Melissa - 53 :::
Wow this young human has remarkable drawing talents!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.19.2018 [263] - @MethodboxYT - 1.1k :::
MethodBox: Creating amazing video profiles of interesting people. You'll probably absolutely love this.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.18.2018 [262] - @IAmDavidSnyder - 527 :::
David Snyder has funny jokes, advice for YouTube creators, Media Shout outs for awesome small YouTube channels, plenty of other good stuff...
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #ProudPapa

Dec.17.2018 [261] - @curiousflavor - 507 :::
Eating companions. Seriously. An interesting idea!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Dec.14.2018 [260] - @AnimationsAlice - 313 :::
Alice has been posting fun and frequent animation videos on her channel for almost a year. Featuring many great cross over videos with other animators also.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.13.2018 [259] - ImperialBrickProductions - 287 :::
#ImperialBrickProductions is a great place to go to see original Star Wars Lego builds. It's Quite creative!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.12.2018 [258] - @ModernDayTech - 8.4k :::
Modern Day Family Man is a family oriented tech reviewer who reviews practical home automation type gadgets that can help your family's flow.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.11.2018 [257] - @feyrerm - 82 :::
Video Content Marketing is soon to be a wealth of knowledge for YouTube Content creators and home to the ever popular Best Hour of My Day live daily broadcast!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.10.2018 [256] - @GeosciImaging - 116 :::
#Geoscience Imaging: Do you love #geology? Well I didn't know I did. But NOW I DO!!!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.07.2018 [255] - @CarissaLeeYTube - 333 :::
Carissa Lee's YouTube channel: there's weird stuff, there's cats, there're videos about pushing past your fears... all kinds of silly, awkward ,serious and fun stuff.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.06.2018 [254] - @SteveCoxDrums - 259 :::
Steve Cox Drums has some KILLER drum covers and a bunch of very easy to follow drum tutorials for people wishing to learn about drumming.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.05.2018 [253] - @iz_harris - 12k :::
Iz Harris' YouTube channel full of amazing short films and poetry is becomming very popular very fast. Deservedly so!!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.04.2018 [252] - @honeydaengdej - 241 :::
Honey Daengdej has a started a great vlog exploring creativity (especially reading and writing).
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.03.2018 [251] - @Lohali1 - 138 :::
Let's Talk Manga is a community based on Manga Appreciation (Manga is Japanese Style Comic Books). So much here for Manga fans to discover and enjoy.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Nov.30.2018 [250] - @CoachBahman - 106 :::
Your Favorite Lifecoach is here to give you some REALLY INTENSE life advice. [NSFW Adult Language]
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.29.2018 [249] - @themillennialmu - 54 :::
Chris, The Millennial Musician is a musician, mentor and minimalist from Scotland with an interesting vlog and an adventurous spirit.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.28.2018 [248] - @BarknoorZ - 4.5k :::
BarknoorZ has a whole host of humorous videos on her channel. But she has many videographic talents beyond her great humor. You might want to follow all of her social media.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.27.2018 [247] - My Art and Music - 984 :::
Neeraj is a self-taught visual and musical artist with wonderful time lapse drawings and occasional singing videos.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.26.2018 [246] - @_craw4d4_ - 37 :::
Fans of #RecordAlbums real #classic #Vinyl will enjoy "Forever Spinning", a channel where Luke the Supertramp reviews pivotal records both old and new.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.23.2018 [245] - @LoganTremellen - 295 :::
Logan Tremellen is an inspiring young daily vlogger on YouTube about to reach 300 well deserved subscribers.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.22.2018 [244] - @LifeTBalanced - 480 :::
Tastefully Balanced publishes videos with new tasty recipes every week. And they are Tastefully Balanced.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.21.2018 [243] - @LaurieBerkner - 61k :::
we almost never post a channel this large these days, but even at 60k subscribers Laurie Berkner with her awesome music channel for children is still WAY under subscribed.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.20.2018 [242] - Lee Billingham Art - 964 :::
Lee Billingham creates amazing photorealistic pencil and colored pencil sketches!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.19.2018 [241] - @Vyyyper - 424 :::
There is an awesome Talk Show on YouTube. With absolutely world class guests. And it is called Vyyyper Live.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Nov.16.2018 [240] - @ChefJellys - 938 :::
Chef Jelly shows you how to make a wide range of delicious recipes for fans of super delicious food.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.15.2018 [239] - @Daniel_Batal - 355 :::
Daniel Batal's Creator Conversations channel is ready to provide you with clear and simple instruction on how to make your video creations more exciting. Ready, Set, GO!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.14.2018 [238] - @ZAKtalksTECH - 3.5k :::
ZAKtalksTECH is a great place to find out about the latest technological marvels. Great looking videos, quality reviews and a fun community of folks.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.13.2018 [237] - @chrisplusjoe - 162 :::
Chris and Joe are a couple from Australia sharing their fertility journey with the world on their frequent vlog.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #FertilityInformation

Nov.12.2018 [236] - Part Time Legends - 71 :::
Excellent acting meets great comedy writing in these often dark but always #hilarious sketches from this awesome #comedy trio.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.09.2018 [235] - @Hope_Bevilhymer - 63 :::
Hope Bevilhymer has hope and motivation in abundant supply. Founder of Limbs of Hope Foundation, Hope has helped to deliver thousands of #prosthetic #limbs around the globe.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.08.2018 [234] - @SugarLesswithC - 603 :::
Sugar Less With Christa Nicole is all about kicking excessive sugar consumption out of your lifestyle. Learn to combat cravings, dump processed foods and more.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.07.2018 [233] - @DubiousEngineer - 4.4k :::
Dubious Engineering is a fine fun channel featuring engineering marvels that don't seem dubious at all actually. A little unorthodox at times. But quality for sure.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.06.2018 [232] - @ActorRawson - 459 :::
Rachel Rawson has your full range of feels. So much that's hysterically funny... all the way to sometimes when she's almost serious a little bit.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #TEAMRawson

Nov.05.2018 [231] - @Mike68751616 - 687 :::
At The Cullinary Cookhouse Mike takes you through recipes, old and new, in an easy to follow along friendly style.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Nov.02.2018 [230] - J m Art With Detail - 656 :::
A great artist who shares his own finely detailed art, the stories behind it and also highlights the art channels of others. It a great mix.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Nov.01.2018 [229] - @antoniovfilm - 128 :::
Antonio Villagomez can teach you all kinds of amazing #VideoEffects mainly for Adobe products but gives you great ideas no matter what you use for editing.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.31.2018 [228] - @PANICdatabase - 1.7k :::
PanicD Our Haunted Travels is a website, database and YouTube channel documenting #haunted and #paranormal associated locations across the United States.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #HappyHalloween

Oct.30.2018 [227] - Deb's Creepy and Abandoned Places - 402 :::
It is what it claims to be. Explore #Creepy and #AbandonedPlaces with Deb.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.29.2018 [226] - @Mercy_Desdemona - 204 :::
Desdemona Productions, a sppoky YouTube channel that has plenty of chills & thrills. Lovely retro and vintage feel to the creepy community assembled here.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.26.2018 [225] - @BrianVlasich - 167 :::
Brian Vlasich is building something really special on his YouTube channel. Check out a few videos and see if this vlog is for you.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #NoSmallCreator

Oct.25.2018 [224] - @MakeThings_wRob - 226 :::
Make Things with Rob. Wood workers of the world Unite! Rob has awesome #DIYProjects for you to try. Not always out of wood actually. But they're always made of awesome!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.24.2018 [223] - @TheLastGiW - 1.5k :::
"The Last GrownUp in the Woods" teaches emergency preparedness and informs about our natural world in an enjoyable easygoing way. Come #PlayInTheDirt!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.23.2018 [222] - Lady SaVanna Puppet - 78 :::
#LadySaVanna is the sassiest spunkiest #puppet that you ever did see. Join her for some fun adventures. Why not? It's free!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.22.2018 [221] - @HenryInvisible - 249 :::
Henry + the Invisibles: One of the greatest musicians on the planet does not yet have 250 subscribers on YouTube?!?!? Fix this internet! Fix it fast plz!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Oct.19.2018 [220] - @DerekSelinger - 135 :::
Magic Inspired is a YouTube channel by magician Derek Selinger. A magician with a message. A powerful message. Magic. But more than just magic.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.18.2018 [219] - @JavierMercedesx - 813 :::
#JavierMercedes is taking you behind the scenes of a lot of awesome #YoutubeChannels and also creating a fantastic #podcast along the way.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #PassionInProgress

Oct.17.2018 [218] - @iancorzine - 1.8k :::
Wanna meet a lawyer you'll like? Ian Corzine takes you through the places where the law and your social media intersect. Quickly learn the DON'Ts and DOs of YouTube and more.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.16.2018 [217] - Simon Reed - 382 :::
#SingerSongwriter Simon Reed has been using his #YouTube channel, goreedy, to showcase his expansive collection of truly impressive #OriginalSongs.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.15.2018 [216] - @PerazzoTom - 653 :::
Garage Time - Auto Restoration takes you through very interesting #automotive restoration projects. #NowShowing: the restoration of a beautiful #classic #porsche.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.12.2018 [215] - @ChandraPivo - 331 :::
You DO NOT want to miss the amazing short films and video work of Chandra Pivo! She dilivers stunning visuals and compelling stories that most anyone can enjoy.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.11.2018 [214] - @SmugglerRoom - 189 :::
At The Smuggler's Room YouTube Channel Brian will show you his shop where he does interesting #SetPieceDesign, #PropDesign and other sweet nerdy #DIYProjects!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #3Dprinting #electronics #woodworking #CNCCarving

Oct.10.2018 [213] - @iamtomnash - 1.4k :::
Tom Nash really takes you deep inside the Nuts and Bolts of #HowToGrowOnYouTube! If you want to get serious. Get yourself over to here!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #YouTubeGrowth #YouTubeStrategies

Oct.09.2018 [212] - M. E. Peasley - 93 :::
Mara Elise is an #ArtVoyager on a fantastical art journey that you can tag along for. Along the way there'll be music, personal vlogs & fun.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #painting #drawing

Oct.08.2018 [211] - @RiseThought - 140 :::
Here's a youtube channel that makes it fun to #think! Stretch your #mind with KuriousG. All kinds of #psychological and #phillisophical rewards await you.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Oct.05.2018 [210] - @adaywithjaye - 333 :::
ADayWithJaye is a channel I've been checkin in on now and again since the #100DaysVlogChallenge. It was already awesome and keeps powering on as a really fun vlog!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.04.2018 [209] - Penny Vlog - 116 :::
One of YouTube's favorite 5 year olds has her own vlog and she posts videos on it when she wants to!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.03.2018 [208] - @happytrailshike - 1.5k :::
Join Kay, Matt and Trekker of Happy Trails Hiking as they tour #NationalParks across the #USA encouraging you to get outside and explore outdoors all the while.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.02.2018 [207] - @SDouglassMusic - 773 :::
Stephanie Douglas is a music teacher from #California who plays some sweet mellow instrumentals and hosts fun live listream concerts on her channel.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Oct.01.2018 [206] - That is Interesting - 21 :::
Very cool channel full of interesting informative content. There's no limit to what you could learn about here.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.28.2018 [205] - @lukejroberts - 569 :::
Powerful singer and awesome musician Luke Justin Roberts is posting well known covers featuring fantastic arrangements and great guest artists.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.27.2018 [204] - Fat Guy Hiking - 94 :::
James from Fat Guy Hiking provides information and inspiration to heavy set people who want to get into hiking. Lots of lovely trails hiked here.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.26.2018 [203] - @LorettaChao - 2.7k :::
@LorettaChao, The Sex Reporter, hosts a #SexPositive look at relationships, dating and sexuality. (Adult language, themes)
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.25.2018 [202] - The New Era Mindset - 22 :::
The New Era Mindset is a new channel still finding its way but I like where he's going with it.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.24.2018 [201] - Ben Kazem - 453 :::
Ben S., a Young #Parkour athlete with Kazem films awesome tricks and feats with an amazing mood and feel to the filming. (Adult Language)
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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