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Sep.21.2018 [200] - Clara Balmer - 73 :::
Clara Balmer YouTube channel. Once a month you will get one unforgettably awesome original song with really cool video ideas to accompany it!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #OriginalSongs

Sep.20.2018 [199] - @noqout - 285 :::
Noqout Media has all the exciting and inspirationsal things!! Come #LevelUp!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.19.2018 [198] - @EdwardBlackRose - 3k :::
Edward Black Rose is a #GeometricArtist with amazing #LineWork and awesome instructive videos that can help unleash your #creativity.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.18.2018 [197] - @billibaracuda - 428 :::
The #MakerMaddox channel on YouTube is more than just DIY tinkering and desktop #electronics projects. There's a LOT going on here
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #FunnyStuff (some adult language)

Sep.17.2018 [196] - MyWildBackyard - 75 :::
MyWildBackyard makes very local #WildLife videos about the #animals in his region. There's an interesting flow to it all.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.14.2018 [195] - EPOCH - 117 :::
Everything here looks amazing and is amazing. You won't be able to hit subscribe fast enough once you've watched some of these.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #AmazingVideos #WOW

Sep.13.2018 [194] - Jon Moore - 28 :::
Jon Moore is an awesome young film maker. His tutorials and product reviews are good but check out some short films first!!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.12.2018 [193] - @MTLFORBRKFST - 3.5k :::
Metal for Breakfast makes some AMAZING, amazing, seriously amazing art in video form. Some day everyone will watch this. But YOU don't have to wait for some day.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.11.2018 [192] - @weird_heather - 82 :::
#Fitness Vlogger and all purpose #weirdo, Weird Heather, can talk you along, show you the ropes and make it easy for you to get moving for improved #health.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.10.2018 [191] - @SpazzyDominoes - 44 :::
I used to love setting up and knocking over dominos as a kid. Somehow it never looked anywhere near as awesome as this though.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #DominoVideos #ColoredDominos

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Sep.07.2018 [190] - Xeron Coulter - 24 :::
Xeron Coulter is a young creative guy making videos about creating creative content. Many tips for how to be your own one person video creation operation.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.06.2018 [189] - Plumbing With Tim - 515 :::
Plumbing With Tim features a wealth of #plumbing #tutorials and DIY how to plumbing fixes and tips. Learn what you need to know BEFORE you REALLY need it!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.05.2018 [188] - @KazulGFox - 10.7k :::
Kazplay Videos iz an AMAZING creature creation channel. These #Costumes are SO cool. These should be in #FeatureFilms they're so rad!!!!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #CreatureCreation #Cosplay

Sep.04.2018 [187] - @paul_groseclose - 1.8k :::
Step #1 Watch Paul Groseclose's channel intro. Step 2. Watch his recent video about Jon Prosser. Step 3. Subscribe.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Sep.03.2018 [186] - @EdieMurphy - 97 :::
Singer, musician and cover song artist Edie Murphy shares some marvelous reimagined songs that are fun to sing along to.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #CoverSongs #Violin

Aug.31.2018 [185] - @felixschlater - 254 :::
I'll be honest. I have no idea how to tell you what Felix Schlater does on his channel. I do know that I like it though. Tons.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Aug.30.2018 [184] - @SarahAKaider - 131 :::
Aliens Clones Airships is a great #BookRelated #YouTubeChannel by author and avid reader Sarah A Kaider
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #BookTube #AmReading

Aug.29.2018 [183] - @Skarpantre - 2.6k :::
It would not be possible for me to love this #animation channel any more than I do. I say often. Until the next video. At which point I love it even more.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #AnimationChannels

Aug.28.2018 [182] - @SparkyAndEliza - 944 :::
Two independant UK film makers show you continuous gorgeous images and #inspiration along their journey to create their first #FeatureFilm
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Aug.27.2018 [181] - @jay_lippman - 226 :::
This is a real jem of a #vlog. I find myself eagerly anticipating the next video.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #NoSmallCreator

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Aug.24.2018 [180] - @chriskonkle1 - 644 :::
I was completely unprepared for how fascinating a #construction vlog could be. ChrisKonkleVlogs has shown us the light.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #vr #HeavyEquipment #Architecture

Aug.23.2018 [179] - @cjoyeverywhere - 312 :::
Yoga with Christina Joy is a terrific growing #yoga channel. I think you should watch the beginners #meditation. It'll help you relax.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Aug.22.2018 [178] - @codywanner - 40k :::
Not such a small channel now, but we've been trying to list #CodyWanner since 1800 subscibers. Subscriber count won't stand still. Too much awesome!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #NoSmallCreator #ForTheDOers

Aug.21.2018 [177] - @pomckenna - 365 :::
Looking for funny videos? These ones are pretty okay. Actually this bizzare mix of zany weirdness does it for us. Look into it.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #TheBestRobots

Aug.20.2018 [176] - @MattySeesVoices - 134 :::
If you think MY voice is awesome (if you've heard it, it's hard to deny) wait till you hear all of Matt Creason's #voices. This guy is AMAZING!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #VoiceActor

Aug.17.2018 [175] - @feyrerm - 877 :::
Michael Feyrer jr. showed up in our comments section at NMS about a month ago. We have been a big fan of his YouTube community and daily live show ever since.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Aug.16.2018 [174] - Nola's World - 67 :::
Nola's World is an awesome vlog that I just stumbled across this week. Very insightful self-reflection that definitely needs more subs.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Aug.15.2018 [173] - @FireGypsy - 2.1k :::
Sasha the Fire Gypsy's not going to bombard your subscription feed with a ton of videos, but when she does upload a new one it's #FIRE!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #NotYourAverageFirePerformer

Aug.14.2018 [172] - Joey Marcello - 137 :::
Hey! I found a new #drumming channel that is absolutely fantastic! I don't have my own drum set and I still found myself mesmerized.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #percussion #drummers

Aug.13.2018 [171] - @LaunchPadAstro - 404 :::
Launch Pad Astronomy is a high quality #astronomy channel that could easily be on television. Be ready to be impressed by what can be accomplished on YouTube.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #LearnAboutSpace

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Aug.03.2018 [170] - ercia & frankie - 573 :::
Wonderfully crafted songs and amazing soaring #harmonies. You like that kind of stuff, come and hear some.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #SingerSongwriter #duo

Aug.02.2018 [169] - @EricWenVlogs - 594 :::
Every week Eric Wen is encouraging you to think more deeply. Come and join the conversation.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #DeepThoughts with #NoSmallCreators

Aug.01.2018 [168] - Tyler Hepnor Art - 2k :::
Found this channel through a review by @Kitslam. WOW! This fantastic artist only has 2k subscribers? Seriously?
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #AmazingArt

Jul.31.2018 [167] - @Liza_Quin - 223 :::
I dunno why it's been so hard to find small comedy channels that are actually funny but... DING! Found one!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Humor #FunnyYouTubeVideos

Jul.30.2018 [166] - @Podin - 13 :::
This young fellow just started a YouTube channel and only has his first two videos up. I think he deserves a lot more comments, views and subscribers for his efforts so far.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.27.2018 [165] - @JEatleyPhoto - 150 :::
Jeffrey Eatley has the designer's eye. His unique style of photography and image creation will really catch your eye.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.26.2018 [164] - @SusansCreative - 451 :::
Susan's Creative walks you through creative crafting ideas. And if that's not enough she introduces us all to other great artisans also.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.25.2018 [163] - @thriftingdivas - 1.1k :::
Thrifting Diva offers budget options for finding great looks for your home, your wardrobe and beyond.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.24.2018 [162] - @Si_Wright - 274 :::
Simon Wright is an AMAZING musician! You will not believe that all of these amazing sounds are coming out of one person.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.23.2018 [161] - @antonywitouth - 405 :::
Antony without an H has recently experienced amputation below the knee. His vlog shows a bit of his life and challenges.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Jul.20.2018 [160] - @immrsspacecadet - 824 :::
A fun and humorous look into the scattered world of Mrs. Space Cadet. Click on the link and be welcomed to her brain.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.19.2018 [159] - @HettyMiddleton - 351 :::
Hetty is an artistic mom who creates lovely colorful drawings on her brilliant art channel.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.18.2018 [158] - @ginaginawalters - 3.5k :::
Gina Walters has one of the greatest vlogs on Earth. Period. Everything about it makes me burst with joy.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.17.2018 [157] - @Lolly_Gma - 133 :::
Gma Lolly and her friends from Taradiddle Forest provide an enjoyable learning environment for young learners.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.16.2018 [156] - @ElizaATkacz - 355 :::
#Musician, #Singer, #SongWriter Eliza A. Tkacz makes very #PowerfulMusic with stunningly artistic videos.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.13.2018 [155] - @shahmk88 - 597 :::
M // Tech. Mitesh's tech channel focuses on budget friendly items that make life easier.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Tech

Jul.12.2018 [154] - @3DPlasticFant - 51 :::
3D Plastic Fantasy is a cool 3d sculpter who draws in the actual air to make plastic sculptures. Have a look!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.11.2018 [153] - @DriveMeCrazy16 - 1.9k :::
A weekly vlog of Dennis' deeper thoughts on life, society and self. Well chosen words with heart here.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.10.2018 [152] - Hip Hop Comics - 45 :::
You've GOT to see this! Your favorite comic book hero origin stories set to rap!! #NuffSaid!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #HipHop + #Comics #ComicBooks

Jul.09.2018 [151] - J-Mac - 817 :::
Out of the 1 #Cooking channel that I watch regularly J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen is my favorite. I'm sure it still would be if I watched more than 1.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Funny #CookWithHumor

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Jul.06.2018 [150] - @KandG_MakeIt - 95 :::
Kim and Garrett have DIY projects galore. Fancy home decore. And much more. Fo sure.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.05.2018 [149] - @kaemoo016 - 204 :::
Go camping with Mama Bear and and learn many useful bushcraft techniques and skills.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.04.2018 [148] - @Asiboe - 2.2k :::
Queen of comedy cartoons Asiboe! Also the animator responsible for helping us find so many quality animation channels. Also so awesome!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.03.2018 [147] - @CREATAboy - 158 :::
This young artistic creator is really doing it on YouTube. Gorgeous #Watercolor #Speedpaints galore!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jul.02.2018 [146] - Papa Loves Guitars - 11 :::
This small youtube channel has some incredibly sweet original songs and definitely #NeedsMoreSubs! Papa clearly loves #guitars.

Jun.29.2018 [145] - @Little_Tipple - 64 :::
Little Tipple vlog. I don't usually care for variety channels. When it's like this I'll make an exception though.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.28.2018 [144] - @WhatEvaParodies - 42 :::
Awesome anime parodies complete with construction paper anime hair! Probably the most creative thing you'll see all day.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.27.2018 [143] - @BeanieDraws - 17k :::
Beanie Draws. What does Beanie Draw? Well, Beanie draws #DINOSAURS. That's for sure. Lots and lots of dinosaurs.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Awesome!

Jun.26.2018 [142] - @Elusive_Rabbit - 41 :::
Elusive Rabbit has an awesome shoecrafting channel. When I say #Shoecrafting you will get the wrong idea. When you watch a video you get the right idea. #ItsIntense!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.25.2018 [141] - @SmallpolyArtist - 13 :::
A #Virtual #3dSculptor. Thats a new one for me. If you've never seens someone sculpt in VR before check this stuff out!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Jun.22.2018 [140] - @RocketAdrift - 276 :::
Rocket Adrift Cartoons is hysterical. It's like watching a sitcom in cartoon form.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #FunnyCartoon #WebCartoons

Jun.21.2018 [139] - @themaikemua - 343 :::
This is my favorite #MakeUp channel ever! Have I watched a lot of make-up channels? No. Nevertheless, my favorite.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.20.2018 [138] - @TravisMcP - 1.4k :::
Travis McP's tech channel is not JUST going to tell you about #tech, it's going to keep you VERY entertained while showing you the latest #gadgets and #gizmos.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.19.2018 [137] - @LetsPlayRCHobby - 63 :::
Let's play RC & Hobby has great videos featuring #RemoteControl vehicles. This father & son duo teaches you about collecting, maintaining and enjoying your RC experience.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.18.2018 [136] - @DougHewsonYT - 435 :::
Wanna know about #YouTube but short on time? Doug Hewson can tell you things you need to know in just a few minutes.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #YouTubeTips #YouTubeAdvice

Jun.15.2018 [135] - @TorchureChamber - 422 :::
Extreme Food Reviews. It is what it says it is. This is the #NonSpoiler review so you have to go see for yourself.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.14.2018 [134] - Lakeside Table - 223 :::
Lakeside Table is a food/recipe blog and YouTube channel by Madalaine where you can easily see how #delicious everything is and learn to do it yourself.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.13.2018 [133] - @okaysamurai - 35k :::
Okay Samurai is a channel featuring tutorials and creative projects by Dave Werner, a leader on the team that makes animation software at Adobe.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #VeryInteresting

Jun.12.2018 [132] - @Antmations - 178 :::
Antmation is a #funny #animation channel created by a European college student who is somehow able to live, study and create this ball of amazing simultaneously.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.11.2018 [131] - @AlejandrosVlog - 158 :::
Alejandro Perez and his daughter Penny have a heartwarming daily vlog and video channel. Full of amazing visuals and stories.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Jun.08.2018 [130] - Wheelchair Anywhere - 71 :::
Jarrod is a vlogger & DJ & poet from #Australia giving you a glimpse of life from his wheelchair.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.07.2018 [129] - Life by Linda - 536 :::
Join Linda as she finds ways to travel the world and explore new places. Mini adventures and grand explorations abound.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.06.2018 [128] - Teppo Haapoja - 14.5k :::
Teppo is a videographer and vlogger that does gorgeous filmwork and is starting to attract quite a following. See for yourself why so many people are checking out his work.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.05.2018 [127] - @BK42Channel - 801 :::
If you've never taken a look into the world of custom bicycles, BK42 Custom Bikes can give you that full immersion experience.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.04.2018 [126] - Kate Amadeo Art - 454 :::
Kate creates #STUNNING #watercolor #paintings. And shows you tips, tricks and demonstrations to help you with your painting as well.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Jun.01.2018 [125] - @iamjakeroman - 226 :::
Jacob Roman is exploding onto YouTube with a daily dose of funny, interesting and interestingly funny commentary on anything and everything.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.31.2018 [124] - @xVerose - 413 :::
The tortured tales of Verose will have you howling with laughter. Hysterically funny.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.30.2018 [123] - @DeeNimmin - 3.4k :::
Want to learn about #VideoProduction, #LiveStreaming and #Photography all from your PHONE?!? #DeeNimmin can show you the very latest in #Phone imaging.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.29.2018 [122] - ShaneMan TV - 2k :::
Learn about #ScrapLife! #DumpsterDiving #AuctionBidding and turning #TrashIntoCash with Online auctions and stores. All on ShaneManTV.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.28.2018 [121] - @professornez - 787 :::
#ProfessorNez of the #NezNation helps you analyze and improve your communication skills so you #CommunicateEffectively. Very #inspiring and #powerful ideas live here.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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May.25.2018 [120] - @Fiberific - 1.6k :::
#YarnCrafters UNITE! Chantelle has a fun, informative, relaxed atmosphere channel for you to come get your crafting on.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Crochet #Knitting #Spinning

May.24.2018 [119] - Rhetty for fun - 1.5k :::
join Rhetty as he expolres roadside attractions, interesting grave sites, festivals and other points of interest.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #RoadsideAttractions

May.23.2018 [118] - the Thought Emporium - 63k :::
This science based channel is off to a great start. The information given out in these videos is fantastic.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #ScienceOnYouTube #Scientist

May.22.2018 [117] - @30dayreviews - 1k :::
Rather than #Unboxing and giving a 1st impression review 30 Day Reviews actually USES things for 30 days before reviewing. Great idea.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #TechReviews #GroomingProducts #ToolReviews

May.21.2018 [116] - @Cabinterviews - 214 :::
The animations on this channel are AWESOME! Appropriate for kids. #VeryFunny! Spend some time in Cabinton. You'll #laugh. What a great cartoon!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Animation

May.18.2018 [115] - @GoodSimpleImpact - 691 :::
GSI Sustainability Lifestyle has a bunch of subscribers already on their #sustainability education channel but these videos deserve even more.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #SustainableLiving

May.17.2018 [114] - @OneStellarDad - 39 ::: is posting great funny videos geared toward parents and fans of tiny new humans.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #funny #ParentingVideos

May.16.2018 [113] - @stuffedofficial - 9 :::
Who doesn't want to talk their #StuffedAnimals and record it? Well some want to but this brand new channel goes and does it. Character intros are pretty amusing.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Stuffies

May.15.2018 [112] - @Saucy_Sarcasm - 578 :::
For anyone who likes to discuss YouTube, Social Media and Growth Strategies, Ryan hosts a very engaging and personable video series for you.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #SmallYouTubeCommunity

May.14.2018 [111] - @rjgmusic - 209:::
RJ Griffith and his new video Good Day are a breath of fresh air. Do you need a breath of fresh air?
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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May.11.2018 [110] - @SteveBelieve4 - 1.8k :::
SteveBelieve Guitar shows you, step by step, the ins and outs of playing electric guitar. And it's fun to watch even if you've never touched a guitar.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #ElectricGuitar #shred #learning

May.10.2018 [109] - @roadbikeculture - 1.1k :::
@ChristopherMast's 15 < 15 recently pointed me toward Road Bike Culture. A great channel dedicated to high end road cycling.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.09.2018 [108] - @carmen_prince - 533 :::
I have recently stumbled upon what has quickly become one of my favorite movie review channels, Chick with Flicks. Carmen has some GREAT reviews with all the helpful info.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.08.2018 [107] - Patti Broussard #arrayartist - 1.7k :::
Patti Broussard plays a #UniqueInstrument called the #ArrayMbira. Wow. What a majestic sound.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #BeautifulMusic

May.07.2018 [106] - @juke3jake - 712 :::
#AgainstTheFormula is a great philosophy and #inspiration #vlog by #FilmStudent Jake Soriano.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #RoadTo1000

May.04.2018 [105] - Skywalker Productions - 2.4k :::
#MayThe4thBeWithYou. Here's a fan page for fan trailers, tributes and edits.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #StarWarsDay

May.03.2018 [104] - Alex Ross - 13k :::
Wait! THE #AlexRoss has had a #YouTube channel for years and it only has 13k subscribers? Who's going to fix this?
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.02.2018 [103] - The Surfrajettes - 2.2k :::
When we searched for more info we actually found two bands called #theSuffragettes. Well, the one from #Toronto that plays #SurfRock is awesome. Only 3 videos on their channel so far, but three REALLY GREAT ones.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

May.01.2018 [102] - @GoalGuys - 25k :::
Goal Guys is a smaller mid-sized channel that everyone should check out. Serious free knowledge available for all who seek some know how on how to acheive goals.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #WorthYourTime!

Apr.30.2018 [101] - @JABARITIMMONS - 407 :::
Do yourself a huge favor and go watch the video called Escalate on his channel! You will never be the same after.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #Dancers #DanceMoves

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