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Apr.27.2018 [100] - Stop Motion Supreme - 117 :::
Wow! These kids have an awesome stop motion channel and it's the internet's best kept secret!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #StopMotion #SmallYouTubers

Apr.26.2018 [99] - Chinook Productions - 723 :::
this #YoungYouTuber shoots gorgeous #VideoClips and is well on his way to his 1000 subscribers by the end of 2018 goal. #CheckIt!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Apr.25.2018 [98] - K Soul - 398 :::
Inpiring spoken word artist K-Soul is creating all kinds of meaningful and interesting short films and vlogs and spoken word pieces.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Apr.24.2018 [97] - @thevivafrei - 29k :::
Obviously this #VlogChannel's already off to a great start but there's so much #quality here. Just a matter of time before this blows up huge.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #HUGE!

Apr.23.2018 [96] - @comedyflo - 929 :::
If you need a laugh you'll probably get one here. Several side splitting series so far and another one on the way soon.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #VeryFunny

Apr.20.2018 [95] - @LouZyHero219 - 309 :::
this Vloger here (219 Films) is really good at the art of storytelling through video. Videos are well put together and edited with a nice pace.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #100DAYSVLOGCHALLENGE

Apr.19.2018 [94] - @Skratchpoop - 3.8k :::
Scratch DJs are all kinds of fun to watch whether you scratch or not. Everything from tutorials to gear reviews to exchibitions are here for you to view.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Apr.18.2018 [93] - @MePlus2Crew - 366 :::
WHAT?!? This trio of rapper/dancers needs #WAYMORE than 366 subs! These 3 sisters from the #BayArea are KILLIN IT!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 @BLACKYOUTUBER1

Apr.17.2018 [92] - jamiehughes17 - 241 :::
Movie news and reviews and bonus features. This channel's been at it for a while with some fun reviews.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Apr.16.2018 [91] - @ProfessorAustin - 2.5k :::
Professor Austin is ready to help you launch your ultimate career. From job hunting tips and tricks to quitting your current job, it's all there.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

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Apr.13.2018 [90] - @that_TCAT - 942 :::
What a fun #animation channel. Animates your comments and #YouTubeChannel names and tons of other fun stuff! Check it out!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #RoadTo1000

Apr.12.2018 [89] - @erika_lancaster - 203 :::
An #artistic teaching artist from #Mexico who uses traditional media to create great works and show you the step by step of it all.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #LearnToPaint

Apr.11.2018 [88] - Justin Bennett - 2.7k :::
WOW! Justin Bennett's Bead Game is INSANE! Master craftsman at work.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Apr.10.2018 [87] - @comicpowersub - 1.2k :::
Comic Power is a channel about Comic Book #collecting, investing and comics related entertainment.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #ComicBooks #ComicBookMovies

Apr.09.2018 [86] - The Visualist's Guide - 25:::
#IveGotAGoodFeelingAboutThis. Alex Cook has only just recently converted his channel into a how to haven for #photographers and #videographers but what he has so far is great!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #MakeGreatImages

Apr.06.2018 [85] - SouthbayMathTutor - 216 :::
Here's a GREAT #YouTubeChannel for learning Algebra and basic math. Includes some #ASL translated videos too!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #LearningMath

Apr.05.2018 [84] - Spare Time G - 1.3k :::
Spare Time G is an excellent #ModelMaker and #Sculptor who makes amazing things (usually out of #ColoredClay).
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #FunWithClay

Apr.04.2018 [83] - @JohannaRenman - 3.7k :::
Wow! Just wow! What a hauntingly #BeautifulVoice #JohannaRenman has. OWNing these #CoverTunes!
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #YouTubeGold

Apr.03.2018 [82] - Traveling Sista - 5.2k :::
A Southern Californian African America woman who moved to #Africa and has found a family there. Very interesting Vlog.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Apr.02.2018 [81] - @BassDrummerEd - 123 :::
An #AMAZING #drummer and #SoundCreator that somehow AMAZINGLY only has 123 subscribers. Any one of the videos here would be enough for me to subscribe.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #SmallYouTubers

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Mar.30.2018 [80] - @elecporcupine - 524 :::
A toy reviewer with a steady stream of informative action figure reviews.
@RetweetTank2000 @CanadaRetweet

Mar.29.2018 [79] - @CartooonTHAT - 273 :::
Very simple (but creative) animations that probably make you laugh out loud while poking fun at pop culture and YouTube culture along the way.
#NeedsMoreSubs #AlreadyHasTheWatchTime @RetweetTank2000

Mar.28.2018 [78] - @RodneyBHunt - 303 :::
There are a lot of #YouTubeAdvice channels out there these days. A whole lot. This one is really solid though. And #NeedsMoreSubs.
@RetweetTank2000 #YouTubeTips

Mar.27.2018 [77] - @marshaarradea - 1k :::
I was honestly not expecting much from an 11 year old singer's YouTube page. Wow was I ever wrong. The most recent video is especially awesome.

Mar.26.2018 [76] - @adamdovestories - 24 :::
Adam Dove's, Left 2 Write, literary vlog is a must check out for writers and aspiring writers. The videos are very well done.
#NeedsMoreSubs 24? #WeCanDoBetter @RetweetTank #AmWriting

Mar.23.2018 [75] - @adissig - 733 :::
Phil is a producer who's telling original stories on his YouTube channel. Handy tips for making videos and films.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Mar.22.2018 [74] - @CaptRobLee - 10.4k :::
Captain Rob show you life as a #homesteader. Learn all kinds of #Outdoorsy things from someone who does it daily.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Mar.21.2018 [73] - @TwoTakesReviews - 408 :::
Working their way through b-movies and currently reviewing the 100 worst rated on IMDB. Who knew how bad bad movies actually were.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Mar.20.2018 [72] - Potato Wisdom - 7.8k :::
Jeanine has lost over 100lbs and eats food she enjoys. Lots of interesting #FoodInformation here.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Mar.19.2018 [71] - Story Greenlight - 1048 :::
This new channel is AWEsome. A real life editor for broadcast television shows you how to edit videos for better story telling. So youi can learn all that WHILE watching really well put together videos.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #smallYoutubers

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Mar.16.2018 [70] - GuitarGirlKB - 109 :::
KB is teaching herself guitar. Lot of videos here and you can watch KB developing some serious guitar/bass chops over time.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Mar.15.2018 [69] - Farmin Time - 5 :::
I have absolutely no idea what's going on here. All I know is I was subscriber number 5.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #NeverSeenThatBefore

Mar.14.2018 [68] - Immanuel Jones - 610 :::
Immanuel just announced he's taking a break from his #Advice Channel. Not to worry though. Tons of advice there already to go back and review.

Mar.13.2018 [67] - @Peckdrywall - 11k :::
Have you ever wanted to take a deep dive into the world of #DryWall? Paul Peck a 20+ year #contractor has information galore!

Mar.12.2018 [66] - Super Simple Arts and Crafts - 282 :::
Monika has a super simple #ArtsAndCrafts channel that the whole family can enjoy together. The crafts really are easy to follow along AND turn out looking great.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #PleaseSubscribe

Mar.09.2018 [65] - @Emily_Zugs28 - 138 :::
Emily Zugay has a funny Vlog/skit channel that is legit funny and worthy of WAY more than 138 subs.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Mar.08.2018 [64] - KASPer Dance Crew - 285 :::
If you like to watch dance at all... You WILL be entertained! It's GREAT! 285 subs? Have they even told their friends they're on YouTube?
#NeetsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #SmallYouTubeCommunity

Mar.07.2018 [63] - @WellnessForLife - 672 :::
#Wellness for life features a wealth of science based advise to improve your #QualityOfLife. I learned a lot in a short time.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #SmallYoutuberCommunity #Learning

Mar.06.2018 [62] - @Cobrakiller2000 - 1.3k :::
Has cool and interesting magnet tricks? Of course. But not only that. Everything is also beautifully filmed & has great sound. A completele, emersive meditative experience!
@RetweetTank2000 #Magnets #YouTube

Mar.05.2018 [61] - @CivilGuyYT - 1.1k :::
This #VarietyChannel is better than many of the variety channels I've seen on #YouTube. Has a pretty impressive channel intro and some nice reviews.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000 #SmallYouTubeArmy

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Mar.02.2018 [60] - Janxx - 374 :::
Exceptionally good music. And gorgeous artfully done videos. It's all there.
@RetweetTank2000 #smallyoutubercommunity #YouTube #Music

Mar.01.2018 [59] - @ChristopherMast - 6k :::
Legion of Weirdos is an awesome YouTube channel and people are subscribing left and right. Because it's an awesome YouTube channel. I said that already.
@RetweetTank2000 #NeedsMoreSubs #Weird

Feb.28.2018 [58] - @SarahOConnellTV - 1k :::
Sarah's Comedy channel now has 1k subs. Yay! Very good comedy related interviews from the UK. Fun stuff.
@RetweetTank2000 #SmallYouTuberArmy #smallyoutubercommunity

Feb.27.2018 [57] - @MapleStruggle - 208 :::
Found this fun/funny rapper on @DrVideoChannel's suggested playlist. Interesting vlog from a recent competition as an added bonus.
@RetweetTank2000 #NeedsMoreSubs #SmallYouTuberArmy

Feb.26.2018 [56] - @iamAleigha - 18k :::
Aleigha Nicole is offering college advice. Channel's already doing great but should be even bigger.
@RetweetTank2000 #CollegeAdvice

Feb.23.2018 [55] - Kevin's Adventures - 1.2k :::
Kevin has a very fun way of presenting outdoor adventuring. You can learn a lot about how to thrive out in the wild here.

Feb.22.2018 [54] - Taistar World Record Setter - 920 :::
Don't think it's possible for a single person to frequently break #WorldRecords?? Taistar will prove you wrong. Again and again.
@RetweetTank2000 #RoadTo1000

Feb.21.2018 [53] - @DrVideoChannel - 299 :::
Dr.Video so far mainly reviews Marvel Comics Universe movies. Good reviews if you're looking for a place to start. NSFW(Language)

Feb.20.2018 [52] - Warlords of Waal - 814 :::
Warlords of Waal is an Amazing retro sci-fi show that is all kinds of fun. It stars @_christinaevans.
#NeedsMoreSubs @RetweetTank2000

Feb.19.2018 [51] - @ChloePchannel12 - 399 :::
Chloe is learning to play piano. It's very #cute! When she grows up and becomes accomplished you can say you watched her when she was tiny.
@RetweetTank2000 #smallyoutubercommunity #SmallYouTuberArmy

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Feb.16.2018 [50] - @Gabyx_Beatbox - 540 :::
Really. Good. BEATBOX. And other great ideas. #NeedsMoreSubs

Feb.15.2018 [49] - @PowerDrillMedic - 13 :::
Okay. I don't get it. How does a person Drill 174 screws into a keyboard and STILL only have 13 SUBS!?!? What's a person gotta do to get some subs around here?
@RetweetTank2000 #SmallYouTubeArmy

Feb.14.2018 [48] - @creaturesofyes - 1.7k :::
@xingcat reveals more gold! Just based on the video for "Secret Flower in Your Mind" alone the entire internet should subscribe to this YouTube channel all at once.
@RetweetTank2000 #smallyoutubercommunity

Feb.13.2018 [47] - Honest Finance - 170 :::
Jason is providing great information that can help you avoid paying more than you have to and help you make sense of the world of finance.
#NeedsMoreSubs! @RetweetTank2000 #smallyoutubercommunity

Feb.12.2018 [46] - @KatreeseBarnes - 2.8k :::
The videos on this channel have a lot of views. Well deserved views. But the subscribers are WAY too low. this should be one of the top channels on all of YouTube. Seriously!
@RetweetTank2000 #youtubercommunity #NeedsMoreSubs #SubscribeNow

Feb.09.2018 [45] - @Luke_Goodall & @MarcGallagher32 - 261 :::
Goodall & Gallagher #Comedy features a quality video podcast, some fun skits and too few subscribers.
#SmallYoutuberArmy @RetweetTank2000

Feb.08.2018 [44] - Kids Colors TV - 560 :::
If you're looking for something very colorful to keep a totdler distracted for a bit try this.

Feb.07.2018 [43] - @Kitslam - 4k :::
@xingcat alerted me to this awesome #ArtChannel. Balance can only be restored to the universe by this channel getting more than 4k subscribers.

Feb.06.2018 [42] - @AustinSpomer & @JessicaSpomer - 19k :::
Austin & Jessica have another channel that's their main focus it seems. Still though, their vlog seems to be well worthy of more than 19k subs.

Feb.05.2018 [41] - Harvard Voice Lab - 14 :::
Maybe HVL does not want subscribers? That's the only explanation I can think of for why something that sounds so amazing doesn't have
tons of subs. If you want to hear something great...
@RetweetTank2000 #AccapellaGroup

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Feb.02.2018 [40] - @dodfamyt - 422 :::
Dan's a dad and he has a nice #FamilyVlog based around #RaisingADaughter. #ParentingAdvice, #FamilyMoments and occational #YouTube related discussion.

Feb.01.1018 [39] - @ErinStaggArt - 546 :::
Not just time lapse art paintings but also story telling while you watch. Awesome idea! #NeedsMoreSubs!

Jan.31.2019 [38] - Emil's Travel Vlog - 7.6k :::
Austin McConnell(@austinmcconnell) recently gave this channel a shout that ballooned it from 150 to 6k subscribers in one day.
It's still way undersubscribed. There are some gorgeous scenes in these travel videos.

Jan.30.2018 [37] - @tbrookerart - 21k :::
If you like #photorealistic #drawings or just #ArtChannels in general you'll enjoy this one. Also has some #HandDrawnAnimation.
@RetweetTank2000 #EyePopping #Art

Jan.29.2018 [36] - Brothers & Sisters Film - 51 :::
Nick Stroczkowski - Brothers & Sisters Film Prod Co. Beautifully shot #minidocs. This #YouTubeChannel DEFINITELY deserves more #subsscribers!!
@RetweetTank2000 #SmallYouTuberArmy @AustinMcConnell

Jan.26.2018 [35] - @roamaroo - 1.4k :::
Not sure if this traveling couple are just able to select the most beautiful places, or make every place they go look beautiful. Either way, very enjoyable travel videos.
@RetweetTank2000 #Traveling #Vacations

Jan.25.2018 [34] - @ScarfingerMPC - 24k :::
Just go watch this. You'll probably be amazed. I'm completely blown away.

Jan.24.2018 [33] - Antimonous - 66 :::
Do you like to learn interesting science facts? How about if they were presented in brief 1 minute videos. Give this channel a try. It'll only take a minute.

Jan.23.2018 [32] - Clovota Milling & Signs - 423 :::
If you have an interest in milling or just want to watch a craftsman doing their thing there are a bunch of oddly meditative time-lapse milling videos. They're pretty relaxing.

Jan.19.2018 [31] - @PianistShengCai - 4.6k :::
A wide ranging selection of masterfully played piano performances by Canadian pianist Sheng Cai are on display on this channel.
@RetweetTank2000 @CanadaReTweet

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Jan.18.2018 [30] - Create Something New Every Day - 349 :::
Create Something New Every Day. That's the channel title. And that's what she does every day. It's kind of amazing actually.

Jan.17.2018 [29] - @LOOKMUMNOCMPUTR - 25k :::
LMNC has 25k subscribers. That's great! But not NEARLY enough for a fellow who has almost realized a life long dream of #building a #Furby #Organ!
#Synths @RetweetTank2000

Jan.16.2018 [28] - @GetThePicture5 - 2.9k :::
Tired of getting you #SelfHelp and #motivation from #cheery #MorningPeople types? Come get some #inspiration in 5ish minute #animated doses from a foul mouthed unseen guru. It's actually fun.

Jan.15.2018 [27] - @PlanetCalvin - 3k :::
A very nice #SciFi blog and review channel focusing mostly on the "Stranger Things" television series.

Jan.12.2018 [26] - @JJYosh - 1.8k :::
Here's a really fun #adventuring channel featuring a daring #cat and his human #travel companion.

Jan.11.2018 [25] - @opensourceway - 6.2k :::
Wow! Hard to believe that has been putting out informative videos for #programmers since YouTube began and... Definitely #NeedsMoreSubs

Jan.10.2018 [24] - @BinkBEATS - 58k :::
Every single video is a #visual and #auditory #masterpiece. This is #REALMusic painstakingly crafted by someone who cares.
Definitely #NeedsMoreSubs!

Jan.09.2018 [23] - @theaustinsrose - 303 :::
Is awesome #CountryMusic your thing? this is #SoGOOD! Only 300 subs. WHAT??? You might like it #EvenIfYoureNotIntoCountry.

Jan.08.2018 [22] - @xingcat - 3.7k :::
This puppet channel is authentically funny! Doing great on its own but still #NeedsMoreSubs!

Jan.07.2018 [21] - @Jooovie - 3k :::
JuneArt YouTube channel has 3k subscribers. That doesn't seem right.

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Jan.06.2018 [20] - @InfamousJSL - 1.8k :::
Jesse St Louis is an actor and #adventurer that creates awesome outdoor #AdventureVlogs to give others great ideas for #OutdoorAdventures.

Jan.05.2018 [19] - @ashleystorrie - 1.4k ‏:::
Scottish #Comedian with a bunch of #FunnyVideos. Some with quite a bit of #profanity and #vulgarity. The Handmaids Tale one is super funny.

Jan.04.2018 [18] - @CreatorFundies - 623 :::
Are you a #NewTuber? A YouTube #newbie? Having trouble getting your #YouTubeChannel the #attention you feel it deserves? Check out the Creator Fundamentals channel by Dan Currier for frequent tips for YouTube growth.

Jan.03.2018 [17] - @EthanVanSciver - 7.7k :::
EthanVanSciver has a pretty popular YouTube channel considering how new it is. Probably because it has such a wealth of info on #ComicBooks from an Ethan, a #ComicBookArtist, and #interviews with other industry pros.

Jan.02.2018 [16] - @CUBOT_Records - 144 :::
CUBOT Records has posted some #AMAZING rock videos! Unfortunately only about 150 people have noticed and #subscribed so far.

Jan.01.2018 [15] - Run n Gun - 401 :::
This guy is AMAZING! For our first feature of #theNewYear check out the #RunNGun channel. Anyone with an interest in #photography or #videography is likely to find something of value.

Dec.31.2017 [14] - Wala Interactive - 35 :::
Here's a fledgeling #3DAnimation channel with some #FunVideos if you're into that sort of thing.
@AlienRTs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.30.2017 [13] - @KhurumFilmmaker - 120 :::
Khurum Khan is compiling a lovely collection of #TravelVideos. Mostly through #Europe so far. Really lovely to look at.
@AlienRTs @RetweetTank2000

Dec.29.2017 [12] - @yesmagazine - 106:::
#Waitaminute! WHAT??? Yes! Magazine has how many subscribers?

Dec.28.2017 [11] - @rubblebucket - 4941 :::
The band #Rubblebucket AlMOST has 5000 #subscribers. Meanwhile their #MusicVideos are just Absotastically AMAZING!

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Dec.27.1017 [10] - blender institute - 48.15k :::
There is a free 3D #ComputerGraphics program called #blender. You can learn more about it #StraightFromTheSource. And subscribe.

Dec.26.2017 [9] - @SamPerryMusic - 1775:::
Sam Perry's #YouTubeChannel only has 1775 subscribers. #THATMAKESNOSENSE! #AreYouKiddingMe??? This man is pure entertainment!

Dec.25.2017 [8] - Hack Music Theory - 61k:::
#SeasonsGreetings. Did you know that in #Canada there are two awesome music teachers teaching #NotationFreeMusicTheory for beginners for FREE?!?! For the holidays you could add to their 61k subscribers!
@AlienRTs @CanadaReTweet @RetweetTank2000

Dec.24.2017 [7] - @Maesyn - ???:::
Maesyn has chosen to make her subscriber count private. I'm sure it's too few whatever the number is.

Dec.23.2017 [6] - Jason Mitchell - 8:::
Do you like #VideoGames? Did you know there is a YouTube channel for an amazing game developer dropping science about cool #GameDev stuff who has LESS THAN TEN (yes, I said ten) subscribers.

Dec.22.2017 [5] - DJ Cumberbund - 13.6k :::
The #MashupVideos are very popular on the #YouTube these days. And there is a man, #DJCumberbund, who is cobbling together things that no others would dare TRY to assemble. A #MashupMaster if you will.

Dec.21.2017 [4] - @ctchrysler_ - 8.9k :::
Also criminally #undersubscribed is musical and visual artist CT Chrysler. Watch some of his #TimeLapse #DigitalPainting and you'll be amazed.

Dec.20.2017 [3] - @DapperDop - 120 :::
Dapper Dop has a new YouTube channel just starting out. As such he only has 120 subscribers so far. There is a bunch of good and useful info on his channel. Especially for people trying to start their own YouTube channel.

12.19.2017 [2] - @Reubenator900 - 824 :::
How this #MusicalGenius has fewer than a thousand subscribers is completely beyond me! Picks up #instrument after instrument and makes each one sing so sweetly!

12.18.2017 [1] - @LaGuardiaCross - 175k :::
La Guardia Cross has one of the #funniest #YouTube channels #everEver! It has grown exponentially over the last few years but is shy of 175k subs which is criminal considering how #Hillarious each and every video is!

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