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category : Entertainment : [Offbeat]

Beard Brain
added May.28.2019 with about 22 subscribers.

I don't know how to describe what this is. It's kinda funny and... um... other stuff. Um... it's weird?
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added Mar.05.2019 with about 26 subscribers.

Stimulating Variety Channel: Your one stop stop drop and shop for stimuli! You need #stimuli in your life! SO MUCH STIMULI IS HERE!!! GET SOME!
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Sir Pickles Presents
added Feb.20.2019 with about 4200 subscribers.

Just realized we still need Sir Pickles Presents and his witty and amusing #SilentFilms on the Awesome Expanding List of Awesome Expanding Channels. Fixed it.
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Farmin Time
added Mar.15.2018 with about 5 subscribers.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on here. All I know is I was subscriber number 5.
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Legion of Weirdos
added Mar.01.2018 with about 6000 subscribers.

Legion of Weirdos is an awesome YouTube channel and people are subscribing left and right. Because it's an awesome YouTube channel. I said that already.
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Power Drill Medication
added Feb.15.2018 with about 13 subscribers.

Okay. I don't get it. How does a person Drill 174 screws into a keyboard and STILL only have 13 SUBS!?!? What's a person gotta do to get some subs around here?
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DJ Cummerbund
added Dec.22.2017 with about 13600 subscribers.

The #MashupVideos are very popular on the #YouTube these days. And there is a man, #DJCumberbund, who is cobbling together things that no others would dare TRY to assemble. A #MashupMaster if you will. #NeedsMoreSubsSTAT!
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NeedsMoresubs music
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