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category : [Family Friendly]
Family Friendly

Young Learners
Sing Squad
Absolutely wonderful songs tailor made for the little ones in our lives! #SongsForKids. #SingSquad! IT'S SO MUCH FUN!
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Gma Lolly Stories For ChildrenTM
Gma Lolly and her friends from Taradiddle Forest provide an enjoyable learning environment for young learners.
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Kids Colors TV
If you're looking for something very colorful to keep a totdler distracted for a bit try this.
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For Children
Planet Funhouse
Planet Funhouse features family-friendly fun for all your little ones.
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The Laurie Berkner Band
we almost never post a channel this large these days, but even at 60k subscribers Laurie Berkner with her awesome music channel for children is still WAY under subscribed.
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#LadySaVanna is the sassiest spunkiest #puppet that you ever did see. Join her for some fun adventures. Why not? It's free!
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Whole Family Fare
The Creatures of Yes
@xingcat reveals more gold! Just based on the video for "Secret Flower in Your Mind" alone the entire internet should subscribe to this YouTube channel all at once.
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This puppet channel is authentically funny! Doing great on its own but still #NeedsMoreSubs!
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NeedsMoresubs music
for sale on bandcamp!!


In case this isn't obvious... um... Needs More Subs is not affiliated with YouTube in any official capacity. Or in any other kind of capacity.