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Do It Yourself

Costume and Creature Creation
Creature Flesh Masks
Incredily realistic #CreatureCreation! Explore the world of silicone masks and prosthetics for #horror films.
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Angelic Daze Cosplay
Great #cosplay looks and tutorials from Angelic Daze. #costumes, #MakeUp, personality, attention to detail... Very cool!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Uber Cosplay makes some of the most amazing mech costumes and and props for conventions (complete with sound effects). [Adult Language]
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Kazplay Videos
Kazplay Videos iz an AMAZING creature creation channel. These #Costumes are SO cool. These should be in #FeatureFilms they're so rad!!!!
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Engineering / Makering
Highly enjoyable animatronic robots and funky gizmos. Very fun to watch.
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Tobho Mott
Tobho Mott does Metal Casting in his backyard. Come watch molten metal become shiny new useful tools and objects.
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Make it Metal
Come be a fly on the wall at Jason's Metal Shop. Make it Metal is a YouTube channel that lets you watch as Jason crafts various useful tools out of metal.
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Ask Questions, Try Things
Asking Questions and Trying New Things with #STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Backyard family learning experiences and experiments.
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Dubious Engineering
Dubious Engineering is a fine fun channel featuring engineering marvels that don't seem dubious at all actually. A little unorthodox at times. But quality for sure.
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Make Things
Make Things with Rob. Wood workers of the world Unite! Rob has awesome #DIYProjects for you to try. Not always out of wood actually. But they're always made of awesome!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Kim and Garrett make it
Kim and Garrett have DIY projects galore. Fancy home decore. And much more. Fo sure.
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Roy The 4th
If you have an interest in milling or just want to watch a craftsman doing their thing there are a bunch of oddly meditative time-lapse milling videos. They're pretty relaxing.
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Food Channel & Food Related
Cute Craft
Crafting some of the cutest confections and creatures you ever saw.
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Retro cooking? Is that a thing? It is now! YesterKitchen creates original classic recipes. Unaltered! Like a cooking show from the past.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Tastefully Balanced
Tastefully Balanced publishes videos with new tasty recipes every week. And they are Tastefully Balanced.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Chef Jelly
Chef Jelly shows you how to make a wide range of delicious recipes for fans of super delicious food.
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Simply Plant Based Living with Christa
Sugar Less With Christa Nicole is all about kicking excessive sugar consumption out of your lifestyle. Learn to combat cravings, dump processed foods and more.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

The Culinary Cookhouse
At The Cullinary Cookhouse Mike takes you through recipes, old and new, in an easy to follow along friendly style.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen
Out of the 1 #Cooking channel that I watch regularly J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen is my favorite. I'm sure it still would be if I watched more than 1.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Lakeside Table
Lakeside Table is a food/recipe blog and YouTube channel by Madalaine where you can easily see how #delicious everything is and learn to do it yourself.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Reclaimation & Repurposing
Learn about #ScrapLife! #DumpsterDiving #AuctionBidding and turning #TrashIntoCash with Online auctions and stores. All on ShaneManTV.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Skill Development
Pop Your Presence
Pop Your Presence: Eric and Ryan, two YouTubers with a LOT of success on YouTube, now have a channel to help you improve your on-camera presence!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Garage Time - Restomod
Garage Time - Auto Restoration takes you through very interesting #automotive restoration projects. #NowShowing: the restoration of a beautiful #classic #porsche.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Plumbing With Tim features a wealth of #plumbing #tutorials and DIY how to plumbing fixes and tips. Learn what you need to know BEFORE you REALLY need it!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Mama Bear's Backpack
Go camping with Mama Bear and and learn many useful bushcraft techniques and skills.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Paul Peck DrywallTube
Have you ever wanted to take a deep dive into the world of #DryWall? Paul Peck a 20+ year #contractor has information galore!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Software Tutorials
Anyone with an interest in video game development should take a look at Danny Makes Stuff. Unity Game Engine tutorials and insights.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

Anyone interested in learning #ComputerGeneratedImages will appreciate these quality, easy-to-follow blender tutorials.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

GuruGal is a graphic design tutorial channel with software tutorials that get right to the point without leaving anything out.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

CGI Nerd
If you're curious about computer generated imaging and 3D Models CGI Nerd is showing us how to do all kinds of neat things. now playing: #Houdini tutorials.
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