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The Awesome Expanding List of Awesome Expanding Channels - 1 TO 100

1 TO 100

Stop Motion Supreme
added Apr.27.2018 with about 117 subscribers.

Wow! These kids have an awesome stop motion channel and it's the internet's best kept secret!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Elijah Anthony F.
added Apr.26.2018 with about 723 subscribers.

this #YoungYouTuber shoots gorgeous #VideoClips and is well on his way to his 1000 subscribers by the end of 2018 goal. #CheckIt!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
K Soul
added Apr.25.2018 with about 398 subscribers.

Inpiring spoken word artist K-Soul is creating all kinds of meaningful and interesting short films and vlogs and spoken word pieces.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Viva Frei
added Apr.24.2018 with about 29000 subscribers.

Obviously this #VlogChannel's already off to a great start but there's so much #quality here. Just a matter of time before this blows up huge.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Comedy Flo
added Apr.23.2018 with about 929 subscribers.

If you need a laugh you'll probably get one here. Several side splitting series so far and another one on the way soon.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
219 Films
added Apr.20.2018 with about 309 subscribers.

this Vloger here (219 Films) is really good at the art of storytelling through video. Videos are well put together and edited with a nice pace.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Skratch Poop
added Apr.19.2018 with about 3800 subscribers.

Scratch DJs are all kinds of fun to watch whether you scratch or not. Everything from tutorials to gear reviews to exchibitions are here for you to view.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Me Plus 2 Crew
added Apr.18.2018 with about 366 subscribers.

WHAT?!? This trio of rapper/dancers needs #WAYMORE than 366 subs! These 3 sisters from the #BayArea are KILLIN IT!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Jamie Hughes
added Apr.17.2018 with about 241 subscribers.

Movie news and reviews and bonus features. This channel's been at it for a while with some fun reviews.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Professor Heather Austin
added Apr.16.2018 with about 2500 subscribers.

Professor Austin is ready to help you launch your ultimate career. From job hunting tips and tricks to quitting your current job, it's all there.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Apr.13.2018 with about 942 subscribers.

What a fun #animation channel. Animates your comments and #YouTubeChannel names and tons of other fun stuff! Check it out!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Erika Lancaster
added Apr.12.2018 with about 203 subscribers.

An #artistic teaching artist from #Mexico who uses traditional media to create great works and show you the step by step of it all.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Justin Bennett
added Apr.11.2018 with about 2700 subscribers.

WOW! Justin Bennett's Bead Game is INSANE! Master craftsman at work.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Comic Power
added Apr.10.2018 with about 1200 subscribers.

Comic Power is a channel about Comic Book #collecting, investing and comics related entertainment.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
The Visualist's Guide
added Apr.09.2018 with about 25 subscribers.

#IveGotAGoodFeelingAboutThis. Alex Cook has only just recently converted his channel into a how to haven for #photographers and #videographers but what he has so far is great!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Apr.06.2018 with about 216 subscribers.

Here's a GREAT #YouTubeChannel for learning Algebra and basic math. Includes some #ASL translated videos too!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Spare time G
added Apr.05.2018 with about 1300 subscribers.

Spare Time G is an excellent #ModelMaker and #Sculptor who makes amazing things (usually out of #ColoredClay).
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Joy Aileen
added Apr.04.2018 with about 3700 subscribers.

Wow! Just wow! What a hauntingly #BeautifulVoice #JohannaRenman has. OWNing these #CoverTunes!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Traveling Sista
added Apr.03.2018 with about 5200 subscribers.

A Southern Californian African America woman who moved to #Africa and has found a family there. Very interesting Vlog.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Apr.02.2018 with about 123 subscribers.

An #AMAZING #drummer and #SoundCreator that somehow AMAZINGLY only has 123 subscribers. Any one of the videos here would be enough for me to subscribe.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Electrified Porcupine
added Mar.30.2018 with about 524 subscribers.

A toy reviewer with a steady stream of informative action figure reviews.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Cartooon THAT
added Mar.29.2018 with about 273 subscribers.

Very simple (but creative) animations that probably make you laugh out loud while poking fun at pop culture and YouTube culture along the way.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Rodney B Hunt
added Mar.28.2018 with about 303 subscribers.

There are a lot of #YouTubeAdvice channels out there these days. A whole lot. This one is really solid though. And #NeedsMoreSubs.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Marsha Arradea
added Mar.27.2018 with about 1000 subscribers.

I was honestly not expecting much from an 11 year old singer's YouTube page. Wow was I ever wrong. The most recent video is especially awesome.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Adam Dove
added Mar.26.2018 with about 24 subscribers.

Adam Dove's, Left 2 Write, literary vlog is a must check out for writers and aspiring writers. The videos are very well done.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Distant Signal
added Mar.23.2018 with about 733 subscribers.

Phil is a producer who's telling original stories on his YouTube channel. Handy tips for making videos and films.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Live Life DIY
added Mar.22.2018 with about 10400 subscribers.

Captain Rob show you life as a #homesteader. Learn all kinds of #Outdoorsy things from someone who does it daily.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Mar.21.2018 with about 408 subscribers.

Working their way through b-movies and currently reviewing the 100 worst rated on IMDB. Who knew how bad bad movies actually were.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Potato Wisdom
added Mar.20.2018 with about 7800 subscribers.

Jeanine has lost over 100lbs and eats food she enjoys. Lots of interesting #FoodInformation here.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Story Greenlight
added Mar.19.2018 with about 1048 subscribers.

This new channel is AWEsome. A real life editor for broadcast television shows you how to edit videos for better story telling. So youi can learn all that WHILE watching really well put together videos.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Mar.16.2018 with about 109 subscribers.

KB is teaching herself guitar. Lot of videos here and you can watch KB developing some serious guitar/bass chops over time.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Farmin Time
added Mar.15.2018 with about 5 subscribers.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on here. All I know is I was subscriber number 5.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Depression Talks With Immanuel
added Mar.14.2018 with about 610 subscribers.

Immanuel just announced he's taking a break from his #Advice Channel. Not to worry though. Tons of advice there already to go back and review.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Paul Peck DrywallTube
added Mar.13.2018 with about 11000 subscribers.

Have you ever wanted to take a deep dive into the world of #DryWall? Paul Peck a 20+ year #contractor has information galore!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Super Simple Arts and Crafts
added Mar.12.2018 with about 282 subscribers.

Monika has a super simple #ArtsAndCrafts channel that the whole family can enjoy together. The crafts really are easy to follow along AND turn out looking great.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Emily Zugay
added Mar.09.2018 with about 138 subscribers.

Emily Zugay has a funny Vlog/skit channel that is legit funny and worthy of WAY more than 138 subs.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
KASPer Dance Crew
added Mar.08.2018 with about 285 subscribers.

If you like to watch dance at all... You WILL be entertained! It's GREAT! 285 subs? Have they even told their friends they're on YouTube?
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Dr. Sten Ekberg
added Mar.07.2018 with about 672 subscribers.

#Wellness for life features a wealth of science based advice to improve your #QualityOfLife. I learned a lot in a short time.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Magnet Tricks
added Mar.06.2018 with about 1300 subscribers.

Has cool and interesting magnet tricks? Of course. But not only that. Everything is also beautifully filmed & has great sound. A completele, emersive meditative experience!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Mar.05.2018 with about 1100 subscribers.

This #VarietyChannel is better than many of the variety channels I've seen on #YouTube. Has a pretty impressive channel intro and some nice reviews.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Mar.02.2018 with about 374 subscribers.

Exceptionally good music. And gorgeous artfully done videos. It's all there.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Legion of Weirdos
added Mar.01.2018 with about 6000 subscribers.

Legion of Weirdos is an awesome YouTube channel and people are subscribing left and right. Because it's an awesome YouTube channel. I said that already.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Sarah O'Connell Show
added Feb.28.2018 with about 1000 subscribers.

Sarah's Comedy channel now has 1k subs. Yay! Very good comedy related interviews from the UK. Fun stuff. #smallyoutubercommunity
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Maple Struggle
added Feb.27.2018 with about 208 subscribers.

Found this fun/funny rapper on @DrVideoChannel's suggested playlist. Interesting vlog from a recent competition as an added bonus.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Aleigha Nicole
added Feb.26.2018 with about 18000 subscribers.

Aleigha Nicole is offering college advice. Channel's already doing great but should be even bigger.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Kevin's Adventures
added Feb.23.2018 with about 1200 subscribers.

Kevin has a very fun way of presenting outdoor adventuring. You can learn a lot about how to thrive out in the wild here.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Feb.22.2018 with about 920 subscribers.

Don't think it's possible for a single person to frequently break #WorldRecords?? Taistar will prove you wrong. Again and again.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Doctor Video
added Feb.21.2018 with about 299 subscribers.

Dr.Video so far mainly reviews Marvel Comics Universe movies. Good reviews if you're looking for a place to start. NSFW(Language)
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Warlords of Waal
added Feb.20.2018 with about 814 subscribers.

Warlords of Waal is an Amazing retro sci-fi show that is all kinds of fun. It stars @_christinaevans.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Chloe's Piano Channel
added Feb.19.2018 with about 399 subscribers.

Chloe is learning to play piano. It's very #cute! When she grows up and becomes accomplished you can say you watched her when she was tiny.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Gabyx Beatbox
added Feb.16.2018 with about 540 subscribers.

Really. Good. BEATBOX. And other great ideas. #NeedsMoreSubs
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Power Drill Medication
added Feb.15.2018 with about 13 subscribers.

Okay. I don't get it. How does a person Drill 174 screws into a keyboard and STILL only have 13 SUBS!?!? What's a person gotta do to get some subs around here?
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
The Creatures of Yes
added Feb.14.2018 with about 1700 subscribers.

@xingcat reveals more gold! Just based on the video for "Secret Flower in Your Mind" alone the entire internet should subscribe to this YouTube channel all at once.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Honest Finance
added Feb.13.2018 with about 170 subscribers.

Jason is providing great information that can help you avoid paying more than you have to and help you make sense of the world of finance.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Welcome 2 My House
added Feb.12.2018 with about 2800 subscribers.

The videos on this channel have a lot of views. Well deserved views. But the subscribers are WAY too low. this should be one of the top channels on all of YouTube. Seriously!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Goodall and Gallagher
added Feb.09.2018 with about 261 subscribers.

Goodall & Gallagher #Comedy features a quality video podcast, some fun skits and too few subscribers.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Kids Colors TV
added Feb.08.2018 with about 560 subscribers.

If you're looking for something very colorful to keep a totdler distracted for a bit try this.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Kitslams Art
added Feb.07.2018 with about 4000 subscribers.

@xingcat alerted me to this awesome #ArtChannel. Balance can only be restored to the universe by this channel getting more than 4k subscribers.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Austin & Jess Vlogs
added Feb.06.2018 with about 19000 subscribers.

Austin & Jessica have another channel that's their main focus it seems. Still though, their vlog seems to be well worthy of more than 19k subs.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Feb.05.2018 with about 14 subscribers.

Maybe HVL does not want subscribers? That's the only explanation I can think of for why something that sounds so amazing doesn't have tons of subs. If you want to hear something great...
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Dan Peters Positively Unleashed
added Feb.02.2018 with about 422 subscribers.

Dan's a dad and he has a nice #FamilyVlog based around #RaisingADaughter. #ParentingAdvice, #FamilyMoments and occational #YouTube related discussion.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Erin Stagg Art
added Feb.01.2018 with about 546 subscribers.

Not just time lapse art paintings but also story telling while you watch. Awesome idea! #NeedsMoreSubs!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Emils Travel Vlog
added Jan.31.2018 with about 7600 subscribers.

Austin McConnell(@austinmcconnell) recently gave this channel a shout that ballooned it from 150 to 6k subscribers in one day. It's still way undersubscribed. There are some gorgeous scenes in these travel videos.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Taylor Brooker Art
added Jan.30.2018 with about 21000 subscribers.

If you like #photorealistic #drawings or just #ArtChannels in general you'll enjoy this one. Also has some #HandDrawnAnimation.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Nick Stroczkowski
added Jan.29.2018 with about 51 subscribers.

Nick Stroczkowski - Brothers & Sisters Film Prod Co. Beautifully shot #minidocs. This #YouTubeChannel DEFINITELY deserves more #subsscribers!!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.26.2018 with about 1400 subscribers.

Not sure if this traveling couple are just able to select the most beautiful places, or make every place they go look beautiful. Either way, very enjoyable travel videos.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Scarfinger Live
added Jan.25.2018 with about 24000 subscribers.

Just go watch this. You'll probably be amazed. I'm completely blown away.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.24.2018 with about 66 subscribers.

Do you like to learn interesting science facts? How about if they were presented in brief 1 minute videos. Give this channel a try. It'll only take a minute.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Roy The 4th
added Jan.23.2018 with about 423 subscribers.

If you have an interest in milling or just want to watch a craftsman doing their thing there are a bunch of oddly meditative time-lapse milling videos. They're pretty relaxing.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.19.2018 with about 4600 subscribers.

A wide ranging selection of masterfully played piano performances by Canadian pianist Sheng Cai are on display on this channel.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Create Something New Every Day
added Jan.18.2018 with about 349 subscribers.

Create Something New Every Day. That's the channel title. And that's what she does every day. It's kind of amazing actually.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.17.2018 with about 25000 subscribers.

LMNC has 25k subscribers. That's great! But not NEARLY enough for a fellow who has almost realized a life long dream of #building a #Furby #Organ!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Get The Picture?
added Jan.16.2018 with about 2900 subscribers.

Tired of getting you #SelfHelp and #motivation from #cheery #MorningPeople types? Come get some #inspiration in 5ish minute #animated doses from a foul mouthed unseen guru. It's actually fun.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Planet Calvin
added Jan.15.2018 with about 3000 subscribers.

A very nice #SciFi blog and review channel focusing mostly on the "Stranger Things" television series.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.12.2018 with about 1800 subscribers.

Here's a really fun #adventuring channel featuring a daring #cat and his human #travel companion.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.11.2018 with about 6200 subscribers.

Wow! Hard to believe that #Opensource.com has been putting out informative videos for #programmers since YouTube began and... Definitely #NeedsMoreSubs
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.10.2018 with about 58000 subscribers.

Every single video is a #visual and #auditory #masterpiece. This is #REALMusic painstakingly crafted by someone who cares.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Austins Rose
added Jan.09.2018 with about 303 subscribers.

Is awesome #CountryMusic your thing? this is #SoGOOD! Only 300 subs. WHAT??? You might like it #EvenIfYoureNotIntoCountry.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.08.2018 with about 3700 subscribers.

This puppet channel is authentically funny! Doing great on its own but still #NeedsMoreSubs!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
June Art
added Jan.07.2018 with about 3000 subscribers.

JuneArt YouTube channel has 3k subscribers. That doesn't seem right.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Jesse St Louis
added Jan.06.2018 with about 1800 subscribers.

Jesse St Louis is an actor and #adventurer that creates awesome outdoor #AdventureVlogs to give others great ideas for #OutdoorAdventures.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Ashley Storrie
added Jan.05.2018 with about 1400 subscribers.

Scottish #Comedian with a bunch of #FunnyVideos. Some with quite a bit of #profanity and #vulgarity. The Handmaids Tale one is super funny.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Creator Fundamentals
added Jan.04.2018 with about 623 subscribers.

Are you a #NewTuber? A YouTube #newbie? Having trouble getting your #YouTubeChannel the #attention you feel it deserves? Check out the Creator Fundamentals channel by Dan Currier for frequent tips for YouTube growth.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
ComicArtistPro Secrets
added Jan.03.2018 with about 7700 subscribers.

EthanVanSciver has a pretty popular YouTube channel considering how new it is. Probably because it has such a wealth of info on #ComicBooks from Ethan, a #ComicBookArtist, and #interviews with other industry pros.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
CUBOT Records
added Jan.02.2018 with about 144 subscribers.

CUBOT Records has posted some #AMAZING rock videos! Unfortunately only about 150 people have noticed and #subscribed so far.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Run N Gun
added Jan.01.2018 with about 401 subscribers.

This guy is AMAZING! For our first feature of #theNewYear check out the #RunNGun channel. Anyone with an interest in #photography or #videography is likely to find something of value.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Wala Interactive
added Dec.31.2017 with about 35 subscribers.

Here's a fledgeling #3DAnimation channel with some #FunVideos if you're into that sort of thing.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Khurum Khan
added Dec.30.2017 with about 120 subscribers.

Khurum Khan is compiling a lovely collection of #TravelVideos. Mostly through #Europe so far. Really lovely to look at.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
YES! Magazine
added Dec.29.2017 with about 106 subscribers.

#Waitaminute! WHAT??? Yes! Magazine has how many subscribers?
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Dec.28.2017 with about 4941 subscribers.

The band #Rubblebucket AlMOST has 5000 #subscribers. Meanwhile their #MusicVideos are just Absotastically AMAZING!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Blender Animation Studio
added Dec.27.2017 with about 48150 subscribers.

There is a free 3D #ComputerGraphics program called #blender. You can learn more about it #StraightFromTheSource. And subscribe.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Sam Perry
added Dec.26.2017 with about 1775 subscribers.

Sam Perry's #YouTubeChannel only has 1775 subscribers. #THATMAKESNOSENSE! #AreYouKiddingMe??? This man is pure entertainment!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Hack Music Theory
added Dec.25.2017 with about 61000 subscribers.

#SeasonsGreetings. Did you know that in #Canada there are two awesome music teachers teaching #NotationFreeMusicTheory for beginners for FREE?!?! For the holidays you could add to their 61k subscribers!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Maesyn Music
added Dec.24.2017 with about 350 subscribers.

Maesyn has chosen to make her subscriber count private. I'm sure it's too few whatever the number is.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Jason Mitchell
added Dec.23.2017 with about 8 subscribers.

Do you like #VideoGames? Did you know there is a YouTube channel for an amazing game developer dropping science about cool #GameDev stuff who has LESS THAN TEN (yes, I said ten) subscribers.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
DJ Cummerbund
added Dec.22.2017 with about 13600 subscribers.

The #MashupVideos are very popular on the #YouTube these days. And there is a man, #DJCumberbund, who is cobbling together things that no others would dare TRY to assemble. A #MashupMaster if you will. #NeedsMoreSubsSTAT!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
CT Chrysler
added Dec.21.2017 with about 8900 subscribers.

Also criminally #undersubscribed is musical and visual artist CT Chrysler. Watch some of his #TimeLapse #DigitalPainting and you'll be amazed.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Dapper Dop
added Dec.20.2017 with about 120 subscribers.

Dapper Dop has a new YouTube channel. As such he only has 120 subscribers so far. There is a bunch of good info on his channel. Especially for people trying to start their own channel.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Reuben Stone
added Dec.19.2017 with about 824 subscribers.

How this #MusicalGenius has fewer than a thousand subscribers is completely beyond me! Picks up #instrument after instrument and makes each one sing so sweetly!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
La Guardia Cross
added Dec.18.2017 with about 175000 subscribers.

La Guardia Cross (@LaGuardiaCross) has one of the #funniest #YouTube channels #everEver! It has grown exponentially over the last few years but is shy of 175k subs which is criminal considering how #Hillarious each and every video is!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

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