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The Awesome Expanding List of Awesome Expanding Channels - Alphabetical Order Listing


La Guardia Cross
added Dec.18.2017 with about 175000 subscribers to the Comedy category.

La Guardia Cross (@LaGuardiaCross) has one of the #funniest #YouTube channels #everEver! It has grown exponentially over the last few years but is shy of 175k subs which is criminal considering how #Hillarious each and every video is!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Oct.23.2018 with about 78 subscribers to the For Children category.

#LadySaVanna is the sassiest spunkiest #puppet that you ever did see. Join her for some fun adventures. Why not? It's free!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Lakeside Table
added Jun.14.2018 with about 223 subscribers to the Food Channel & Food Related category.

Lakeside Table is a food/recipe blog and YouTube channel by Madalaine where you can easily see how #delicious everything is and learn to do it yourself.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Launch Pad Astronomy
added Aug.13.2018 with about 404 subscribers to the Science category.

Launch Pad Astronomy is a high quality #astronomy channel that could easily be on television. Be ready to be impressed by what can be accomplished on YouTube.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
LaUrban DanceFactory
added Feb.21.2019 with about 637 subscribers to the Dance category.

LaUrban DanceFactory is a #DanceSchool in #Barcelona. A really, really good dance school where amazing acts of movement happen. [nsfw: adult language]
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Lee Billingham Art
added Nov.20.2018 with about 964 subscribers to the Drawing & Painting category.

Lee Billingham creates amazing photorealistic pencil and colored pencil sketches!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Legion of Weirdos
added Mar.01.2018 with about 6000 subscribers to the Offbeat category.

Legion of Weirdos is an awesome YouTube channel and people are subscribing left and right. Because it's an awesome YouTube channel. I said that already.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jun.19.2018 with about 63 subscribers to the Collectibles category.

Let's play RC & Hobby has great videos featuring #RemoteControl vehicles. This father & son duo teaches you about collecting, maintaining and enjoying your RC experience.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Life by Linda
added Jun.07.2018 with about 536 subscribers to the Travel category.

Join Linda as she finds ways to travel the world and explore new places. Mini adventures and grand explorations abound.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Little Monster Media Co.
added Apr.17.2019 with about 1090 subscribers to the YouTube Advice category.

LMMC is a YouTube strategy station perfect for anyone really looking to dissect and analyze YouTube success.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Little Tipple
added Jun.29.2018 with about 64 subscribers to the Vlog Channels category.

Little Tipple vlog. I don't usually care for variety channels. When it's like this I'll make an exception though.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Live Life DIY
added Mar.22.2018 with about 10400 subscribers to the Special Interest Vlogs category.

Captain Rob show you life as a #homesteader. Learn all kinds of #Outdoorsy things from someone who does it daily.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jul.31.2018 with about 223 subscribers to the Comedy category.

I dunno why it's been so hard to find small comedy channels that are actually funny but... DING! Found one!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Logan Tremellen
added Nov.23.2018 with about 295 subscribers to the Vlog Channels category.

Logan Tremellen is an inspiring young daily vlogger on YouTube about to reach 300 well deserved subscribers.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Dec.03.2018 with about 138 subscribers to the Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels category.

Let's Talk Manga is a community based on Manga Appreciation (Manga is Japanese Style Comic Books). So much here for Manga fans to discover and enjoy.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
added Jan.17.2018 with about 25000 subscribers to the Creative / Unique category.

LMNC has 25k subscribers. That's great! But not NEARLY enough for a fellow who has almost realized a life long dream of #building a #Furby #Organ!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Love and Peace Toons
added Apr.12.2019 with about 588 subscribers to the Cartoons category.

I LOVE #animation channels! And this one is so #creative and #fun!
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]
Luke Justin Roberts
added Sep.28.2018 with about 569 subscribers to the Cover Songs category.

Powerful singer and awesome musician Luke Justin Roberts is posting well known covers featuring fantastic arrangements and great guest artists.
YouTube links: [home] [videos] [about]

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